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What Our Owners Are Saying

Peanut straight climbed up my leg, up my chest, and on to my shoulder to look me in the face and say “meooow”!

- Peanut Owner

“SO Happy with him I was nervous he wasn’t going to be friendly or have behavior issues because you never know with cats but no potty issues and he has such great temperament and personality.”

- Mochi Owner

“Hello Liliia, I just wanted to tell you Bambi is doing wonderful and I could not be more in love 😻 we nicknamed her little Ms because she sits so perfect with her tail wrapped around her! She is always with me no matter where I am in the house, loves to cuddle but she loves to play and can be naughty at times!  Thank you for allowing us to take this little love into home ❤️

- Bambi Owners

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